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Nature Pizza - A lesson on Leaf Changes

It‘s not delivery it’s deciduous 🤣

Pizza is a fave around here for lunch, we save the cardboard inserts from our frozen pizzas and use them for tons of crafts! They’re really handy, and easy to store!

Today we are learning about leaf changes with the seasons. How deciduous trees lose their chlorophyll as the days get shorter.

Here is is a brief overview of the process:

We walked around the yard collecting leaves that resembled each part of a delicious pizza. Mulch was perfect for the crispy brown crust, and we found a bunch of yellowing sassafras leaves which worked perfect for the yummy gooey cheese!

The “Seek” app is excellent for identifying plants!

Hickory nuts cracked in half by our squirrel friends made for the perfect mushrooms!

Such a fun and pretty project! Now we are hungry 🤪


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