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Meet Ashley:

Raising Brain Microschool Northern Virginia Homeschool Co-op
Raising Brain Microschool Northern Virgi
Raising Brain Microschool Northern Virginia Homeschool Co-op

As a nurse turned homeschool mom, my approach to education is deeply influenced by my holistic perspective and commitment to mental health. My nursing background has equipped me with the ability to see children in their entirety, understanding the importance of emotional well-being in academic success.

Having firsthand experience with neurodiversity, I felt compelled to create a welcoming environment where all abilities are embraced. Thus, I established a community learning environment that values each learner's unique strengths within carefully crafted boundaries.

Our multi-age model centers on unit study curriculum and project-based learning. Through unit studies, learners explore interdisciplinary topics, gaining a comprehensive understanding of interconnected concepts. Project-based learning fosters hands-on engagement, collaboration, and real-world application of knowledge.

At Raising Brain, academic achievement is not the sole focus; we also prioritize nurturing curiosity, creativity, and confidence. By providing a supportive space where every child feels valued, we aim to instill a lifelong love of learning and empower students to excel in all aspects of their lives.

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