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Raising Brain, LLC  Parental Authorization, Consent, & Limitations of Liability Policy  

Parental Authorization Consent & Limitation of Liability Policy

I hereby grant permission for the individual named above to participate in Raising Brain, LLC's Programs, encompassing all activities organized by the said organization. I acknowledge and accept all risks, hazards, and associated costs inherent in such participation. Understanding that neither Raising Brain, LLC nor its administration, staff, or employees will be held liable for any injury, damage, or loss sustained while on campus, I assume full responsibility.

Furthermore, I authorize Raising Brain, LLC to seek medical assistance for my child in the event of illness or accident during their participation in Raising Brain LLC's programs. I consent to Raising Brain, LLC exercising complete discretion in the selection of physicians or other medical personnel for my child's care. I understand that Raising Brain, LLC may take independent action should immediate intervention be necessary for the safety and well-being of my child.

In this context, 'safety and well-being' primarily applies to urgent or emergent situations necessitating immediate care. It is important to note that our scope of medical practice is limited to first aid and CPR. Therefore, in situations where immediate intervention is required, we reserve the right to administer first aid and perform CPR as necessary. Additionally, this clause emphasizes our right to contact emergency services without prior consent if we believe that your child's health or safety is at risk in any way. Including instances where immediate medical intervention is deemed essential, it is understood that emergency responders may designate the appropriate medical facility for treatment based on the urgency of the circumstances. This determination may consider factors such as the facility's specialization in specific trauma levels, its proximity, and its capacity to accommodate the situation.

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