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Learner & Parent/Guardian Guidebook

Our Mission:


At Raising Brain, our mission is to cultivate a nurturing learning environment where every individual thrives socially, emotionally, and academically. Through our enrichment programs, we prioritize social-emotional well-being, promoting a sense of belonging and empowerment. 


Our innovative model provides learners with the structure they need to succeed while encouraging critical thinking in both academic pursuits and peer interactions. We are dedicated to offering opportunities for meaningful socialization, equipping our learners with the skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of today's world with resilience and compassion.


Core Values:


  • Every Individual is Valued: We believe that every person, regardless of background or ability, deserves to be respected, supported, and valued for their unique contributions.


  • Lifelong Learning: We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. Learning is a continuous journey that enriches both the mind and the spirit.


  • Empowerment Through Diversity: We believe that diversity strengthens our community and cultivates innovation and understanding. Embracing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enriches our learning environment and prepares us to thrive in a global society.


  • Holistic Growth: We believe in nurturing the whole individual. Our programs prioritize not only academic achievement but also social-emotional well-being, creativity, critical thinking, and personal development.


  • Community Engagement: We believe in the importance of actively engaging with and contributing to our community.. By encouraging connections, empathy, and social responsibility, we empower our learners to make a positive impact on the world around them.


Student Commitment:


Our community flourishes through the dedication of everyone to uphold our shared values and commitments.By basing our actions on this commitment, we promote a culture of trust, respect, and accountability. This dedication not only enriches everyone’s educational experience but also strengthens the bonds that unite us as a supportive and inclusive community.


School Hours and Details: 


The Raising Brain Summer Enrichment Program will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Drop off starts at 8:45 am and pick up is at 3 pm unless otherwise arranged by parent/guardian. For the safety of our learners, please be prepared to present identification if you are not the designated transportation person for pick-up. This precaution is especially important as pick-up responsibilities may vary among staff members each day, and unfamiliarity with alternate pick-up individuals could potentially compromise learner safety.


When learners arrive, parents/guardians should park in the rear of our building, or on the street in front of our building and walk their learner(s) around to the back door. All learners should enter through the back door where they will be greeted by teachers/staff. Parents/guardians will sign them in at the designated sign in area. Once signed in, learners will hang their backpacks/lunchboxes/coats on their assigned coat rack, and place their water bottles above in their own spot on the shelf. Their water bottles should always return to this spot so we don’t lose them. From 8:45-9:00 they can freely engage in free play, social time, and getting prepared for the day. 


The campus will close at 3:00pm, if you are unable to pick up at 3:00pm please communicate with the director or any staff to make arrangements. A $25 per hour fee will apply for after-hours care. Families exhibiting a recurrent pattern of unanticipated late pick-ups will be subject to a $100 fee for after-hours care without prior arrangement (with less than 24-hour notice).


Lunches and Snacks


*WE ARE A PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE CAMPUS, Please do not send items with these ingredients to school* Food sharing is prohibited to ensure the safety of individuals with allergies.


To encourage and respect each family's dietary preferences, Raising Brain does not offer lunches or snacks. Learners are kindly requested to bring their own meals. For convenience, we provide access to a refrigerator and microwave for food storage and heating. We recommend discussing microwave safety guidelines, such as avoiding tinfoil or metal, with your learner before sending food to school. 


Healthy snacks and water are crucial in maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Learners are responsible for bringing their own snacks and water bottles. We kindly request that you pack nutritious snacks and a fully lidded water bottle for your child each day. Learners have the flexibility to choose where they eat, but it's essential that they adhere to our community culture by cleaning up after themselves.


Technology and Devices Policy


At Raising Brain we recognize the value of technology and digital devices as educational aids. While learners are welcome to bring these tools, our main emphasis lies in their utilization for educational purposes rather than entertainment. During dedicated learning hours from 8:45am to 3pm, they are expected to utilize technology and digital devices solely for educational activities. The teacher will determine the appropriate use of these tools based on the day's tasks. To maintain safety, communication with external parties via personal devices is strictly prohibited while on school premises, unless the learner is communicating with their parent/guardian or has written permission to do so on file. We will not confiscate devices, however if a problem arises we will make the parent/guardian aware and have them advise on permission for future use. 


What learning will look like


At Raising Brain, we foster a culture of exploration and curiosity among our learners. Through weekly themed unit studies, we encourage exploration of diverse aspects within each topic. Our teachers tailor this approach to accommodate varying abilities and age levels, ensuring that each learner can engage meaningfully. Key components include inquiry-based learning goals, access to a wide range of learning tools, personalized sessions with teachers for goal-setting and progress discussions, and the integration of technology, such as Chromebooks, for project development. Furthermore, our community Alexa devices stand ready to facilitate research and inquiry activities at a moment's notice.


Play takes center stage for our younger learners. We offer abundant opportunities for learning through play. Teachers seamlessly infuse small lessons into these activities, providing valuable learning experiences that often go unnoticed by the learner, as they are seamlessly integrated into play. At Raising Brain, learning naturally follows the child's lead.


Learner Progress


Learners will receive comprehensive feedback on their work from various sources, including peers and teachers, tailored to their individual needs. Learners will be invited to showcase their mastery of skills and concepts in a dynamic and interactive manner. Parents and guardians will be invited to join our private facebook group where they will be able to see their child’s work and our daily activities. This will provide them with valuable insights into their child’s interests, strengths and areas for growth, empowering them to make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey. 


Conflict Resolution/Policy Violations


We recognize that peer conflict can be a natural part of their development and character-building process. Most disagreements are minor and are best addressed by the learners themselves. To assist them, we provide guidance on conflict resolution techniques such as removing oneself from heated situations, practicing calming breaths, and using "I feel" statements.


While learners are encouraged to engage in self-advocacy and constructive debates within our community, certain behaviors warrant immediate action. These include unwanted physical contact, disregard for property, bullying (defined as intentional and repeated harassment), and violations of the technology policy outlined in the handbook. Our approach prioritizes safety and emphasizes de-escalation, conflict resolution, and supporting them in navigating their emotions. We ensure that they comprehend the consequences of their actions, upholding a sense of accountability and encouraging thoughtful decision-making.


Furthermore, we adopt a proactive stance by observing antecedents and redirecting before situations escalate. By being attentive to learners' needs and recognizing that behavior is a form of communication, we strive to create a supportive and understanding environment where everyone can thrive.

Health Forms


Please ensure that you complete the health section of the enrollment form before your learner begins, as this will inform our staff of any important health needs or conditions. If your child has Asthma, any food, insect, or medication allergies, or other medical diagnoses that require emergency intervention, it's crucial that you have your child's physician send the appropriate form linked below and submit it before their start date. Please note that your child will not be permitted to attend if these forms are not completed in full.

  • Allergy/Anaphylaxis Action Plan - download here

  • Asthma Action Plan - download here

  • Other Emergency Action Plan - please ask your doctor for their preferred forms. 

*Physicians may use a different form




We prioritize the safety and well-being of our learners. While we do not typically administer medication, except for emergency situations requiring medications such as albuterol, epinephrine pens, or antihistamines, our staff members are trained to handle these situations effectively. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing any necessary emergency medications along with an action plan signed by your child’s physician, and our staff is equipped to respond promptly and appropriately in the event of an emergency.


Illness Policy


If a child displays any of the following symptoms, we kindly request that they be isolated, and their parents promptly notified and asked to pick them up at their earliest convenience:


  • Fever of 100.5 F.

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Nausea

  • Severe cough

  • Unusual yellow color to skin or eyes

  • Stiff neck or headache with one or more of the symptoms listed above

  • Difficult breathing or wheezing

  • Complaints of severe pain


If your child is not feeling well in the morning, please observe them carefully before sending them to school and risking the health of others. Children must be free of symptoms for 24

hours before returning. If your child develops any of these symptoms while on campus, we will call you immediately to come pick up your child. Please contact the director to let us know that they will not be attending. 


Required Supplies


(1) 2” Binder with clear cover front pocket for portfolio

Book bag

Headphones (labeled) to bring with them daily 

Slippers or socks for indoors

Boots (on rainy days)

Change of clothes in book bag

Towel in bookbag


Bug Repellent


For questions, please reach out to us at 

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