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Activities for Teaching about Leaves

Let the crisp September, coffee on the front porch mornings begin! This time of year is the perfect time to start studying the leaves, and their changes with the season! Below you will find resources for teaching about he leaves and how to incorporate your very own backyard into your lessons.

A good place to start is teaching how and why the leaves change color. Here is a great visual aid from Science Bob (if you don't already, go follow him on facebook he has excellent resources for all things science!)

This field guide flip book is AWESOME, and it's super durable so you can take it outside with you to observe an match the leaves!

Resources: (click the images for direct link)

Towards he end of August as the change began, we did a nature pizza! This was a super fun low cost activity to really get hands on and creative!

We love using our Seek app. It is great for identifying plants, animals and insects!

Matching activity

Coloring page identification

Drawing the missing side!

Contact paper is awesome for preserving leaves on paper!

Books: Click on images for direct links!

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