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Technology Policy

We recognize that computer usage norms vary among families. However, given our commitment to providing essential resources in an area where internet accessibility is limited for youth, we allocate our spaces exclusively to learners who have obtained permission to utilize them, as outlined in our policy below:

In order to participate in our STEAM-based programs, learners must have the technology policy agreement form on file. 

At Raising Brain Microschool, we recognize the integral role of technology in fostering innovative learning experiences within our STEAM-based curriculum. Our technology policy is designed to ensure the safe and responsible use of digital tools and resources while empowering learners to explore, create, and learn in a dynamic digital environment.


Chromebook Accounts and Individual Chromebooks:

  • Access and Ownership: Each learner at Raising Brain Microschool is provided with an individual Chromebook to support their learning journey. Chromebook accounts are created and managed by the school administration to ensure accountability and security.

  • Restrictions and Monitoring: Chromebooks are equipped with content filtering and monitoring systems to restrict access to inappropriate websites and content. School administrators regularly monitor device usage to promote responsible digital citizenship and ensure compliance with school policies.


  • Educational Use: Chromebooks are primarily intended for educational purposes, including research, project work, and accessing digital learning resources. Learners are encouraged to utilize their devices as tools for creativity, collaboration, and academic growth.


Digital Cameras:

  • Access and Usage: In addition to Chromebooks, learners have access to digital cameras to support multimedia projects and documentation of their learning experiences. Digital cameras are available for checkout through the school's media center and are intended for educational use under the supervision of a teacher or staff member.

  • Safety and Privacy: Learners are instructed on the responsible use of digital cameras, including respect for privacy rights and obtaining consent when capturing images or videos of others. Personal photography or recording activities unrelated to school projects are prohibited.

Core Values and Mission:

  • Integration into Project-Based Learning: Technology resources, including Chromebooks and digital cameras, are integral components of our project-based learning model. Learners are encouraged to leverage these tools to explore, innovate, and communicate their ideas effectively within project-based assignments and activities.

  • Focus on Safety and Basics: As part of our mission, Raising Brain Microschool is committed to teaching learners essential safety measures and computer/internet basics to establish a strong foundation for their future in a technology-driven world. Emphasis is placed on cybersecurity, online etiquette, digital citizenship, and the responsible use of technology resources.

Policy Acknowledgment:

  • Learners will be required to read, agree to, and sign our technology policy on the first day of class. You can find their copy of the policy here.

At Raising Brain, we believe that technology should serve as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning. By fostering a culture of responsible digital citizenship and providing learners with the necessary skills and knowledge, we empower them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced society.

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