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Inviting Spaces - How Our Environment Can Influence Learning

Have you ever walked into a space and just felt good? Many of us have favorite spaces yet struggle to put our finger on what exactly it is that makes them so special. It's the combination of subtle factors—colors, furniture size, line of sight, lighting, textures that speak to us when we enter a space. These elements can subconsciously invite us to stay and get cozy or prompt us to seek a different environment.

As a neurodivergent person who is very easily overstimulated, I pay close attention to my surroundings and how they make me feel. Lighting for example, plays a significant role in determining my level of creativity and productivity. Over the years, working with children, I've come to realize the immense influence their environment has on their educational experience. Before they can fully immerse themselves in learning, they need to feel regulated, and often, their physical space is overlooked in this regard.

That's why, as we embark on building a learning center, we're dedicating a lot of time to understanding how the space makes us feel. We want learners to feel not just comfortable, but genuinely invited and eager to engage. Our goal is to create a space where every individual feels cozy, comfortable, and most importantly, welcomed.

In designing our learning center, we're being thoughtful and strategic, ensuring that every aspect contributes to a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where every learner feels supported and excited to explore and learn.

In the photos below, you'll see the transformative power of subtle changes in these spaces after just starting the build out. In the first, a simple coat of cozy, earthy paint sets the tone, while in the second, strategic additions like lighting, a rug, and a warm wooden glass door create an inviting ambiance that calls you to linger.

I'm excited to share the progress of our work with you, as we're passionate about creating a space where everyone feels safe and welcomed.

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Some of our fun games, perfect for first grade social emotional learning:

Social Skills UNO grab it here:

Emotional Charades grab it here:


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