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Identifying Odd and Even Numbers (A Lesson Plan with Free Resources)

We use Time4Learning as our homeschool foundation for curriculum. It is super affordable, and easy to navigate however it is quite text heavy and has more quizzes and tests as the grades progress. I tend to pull the subject matter for each lesson and create my own that is a bit more hands on and fun! (The beauty of homeschooling, make it your own!)

This blog will go on to show you how I created and set up a lesson for learning about odd and even numbers!

To get started with this lesson, I introduced the story of Even Steven and Odd Todd you can click the book cover below for link to purchase this book:

After reading/listening to the story, we watched this clip from Brain Pop

I laid out our number chart and switched the number colors to represent odds (black) and even (red) for her to use as a self correcting reference. You can grab a chart like this here!

We used our bear math counters (you can find them here) to make a visual for splitting the number at the end. If everyone has a buddy, number is even. If one bear is by himself, the number is odd. Or when splitting on this worksheet, if the two girls have the same amount, the number is even. If the two girls have a different amount, the number is odd!

We will follow up tomorrow with this fun coloring activity:

Here are some more fun odd/even activities to enjoy, click each photo for direct link:


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