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Cell Organelle Classroom Gallery Wall Art

I needed something learners could reference while working on an activity that required moving around so I made these to where they can stop and reference. They briefly describe the organelle's function and highlight which cells they are found in (Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic (plant and or animal). This set also includes the anatomy of both Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell types so they can compare and see the differences. They love them, and they look so cute hung up in the classroom! Please make sure you hang these at a height where they can access them. (Sometimes we forget most art can't be appreciated by little friends because they are hung at adult level!)

Originally I wanted to hang these in dollar store frames, however they are glass and the idea of them accidentally bumping them and breaking freaked me out. So I decided to hang them in sign holders (they come with hanging strips, no nails or screws required) where we can easily change out the gallery wall art with each unit we are on! You can even use dry erase markers on them if you want to hang interactive art! If you do use these for your classroom, please send us pics! We'd love to see how you used them and add them to our site!

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