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Alien Teacher Escape Room Setup and Puzzles

Welcome to the "Alien Teacher Escape Room" a thrilling hands on adventure where players must race against time to find the missing Zorborg, a mind erasing device, before the suspected alien teacher can use it on the students and depart for his home on the moon!

Players will have 1 hour to complete the mission. As the countdown begins, the detectives are tasked with unraveling the clues scattered throughout the alien teacher's classroom.

You will need:

If you prefer png format you can download the slides below:

Alien Teacher Escape Room Slides
Download ZIP • 19.02MB

  • 5 Die (I have a 10 pack that we use often, especially for escape room puzzles)

  • 5 Pieces of colored paper squares (red, blue, green, yellow, purple) - these are also included in the pack as printables if you don't have these on hand.

  • 5 Colored folders (red, blue, green, yellow, purple) You can also get creative with what you have and use manila folders and color the tabs with markers.

  • Trash can

  • Black light pen (optional, there is an alternative puzzle for this if you don't have)

  • 1 Ruler

  • 1 Paper towel roll (decorated like a "Zorborg" mind erasing device - get creative, I used spray paint and a paint marker!)

  • Candy/prizes to put into the Zorborg

The Setup:

You will need to purchase the escape room on Teacher's Pay Teachers here.

I like to have the lights off (we have windows) so it gives it a mysterious vibe, you can also decorate the room with space themed items if you'd like!

You will gather the players and show them the slides, they will tell the story, and the last slide will be the first clue.

I like to prepare the game and have it all ready to go ahead of time so all I have to do is pull the puzzles out and place them where they need to be. I cut everything out and pack them away in zip lock bags. I use post it notes to write the number (in the order of the game) as well as the location it needs to go.

Then I lay everything out in order and run through it in my head to make sure we aren't missing anything

When everything is ready, I put it in my crate in order, so I just grab and go setting it up. This makes it especially efficient if you are using this in school and don't have much time between classes.

Everything you need to play this escape room is in this download on teachers pay teachers (with exception of optional linked props)

The kids really love the black light pen messages, I use these in every game!

All of the extra props are optional, alternative puzzles are included in the download. Have fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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