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Second Grade Learning Goals

These goals are suggestions based on state standards. As always, each child learns differently and at a different pace, this is to act as a guide for subjects and also help with the order of presenting info to your learner. If your child needs a refresh or is missing some concepts, please refer to our First Grade Learning Goals post to review.

2nd Grade Curriculum Overview

A typical second grade curriculum will vary depending on the state you live in. In general, a second grade education should focus on helping students continue to build their reading and writing skills, as well as improve their researching and critical thinking skills.

When researching a second grade homeschool curriculum, it’s important to ensure that it:

  • Makes learning fun with interactive content that keeps your child engaged and stimulated.

  • Teaches fundamental concepts in all the core subjects to help students meet learning objectives.

  • Assesses students periodically to ensure mastery and understanding of content.

  • Provides plenty of opportunities for extra practice and reinforcement.

  • Allows students to work at their own pace so they can fully understand concepts and material.

  • Includes activities that help students build important critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Math objectives for 2nd grade

In second grade, students continue with more sophisticated approaches to addition and subtraction and begin understanding the patterns leading to multiplication. Simple fractions are also introduced this year. Geometric learning extends a student’s understanding of shapes and their parts.

Some of the key goals for second grade math include:

  • Understanding the meaning, uses, and representations for numbers

  • Computing addition and subtraction facts accurately

  • Analyzing and interpreting data

  • Using appropriate techniques, tools, units, and formulas in making measurements

  • Investigating the properties and characteristics of two and three dimensional geometric shapes

Reading Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

Foundational skills for second grade readers involve making sure they are able to read carefully and independently for sustained periods of time. They will grow in their ability to comprehend unfamiliar text and to make predictions based on what they have just read. Some of the specific reading goals for 2nd grade include:

  • Using the information in text to determine the characters, setting, or plot.

  • Identifying the meaning of words and phrases in appropriately-leveled text based on contextual cues

Writing Goals/Objectives for 2nd grade

In second grade, students continue learning how to communicate clearly and coherently with their writing. They will begin to study the writing process—the stages of writing from pre-writing through editing.

Some of the specific goals that second graders will aim for in writing include:

  • Learn to gather information from sources to answer a question.

  • Writing for different purposes and audiences such as creative, informational/expository, and persuasive forms

  • Creating written drafts that will be revised and edited, with guidance from a teacher

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

It is impossible to separate reading and writing skills from the conventions of English. Although often one of the more challenging areas of language arts, second grade students should be on track to creating grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs. Second graders will continue to review the grammar rules they have learned to this point, and will add new concepts such as:

  • Distinguishing between complete and incomplete sentences

  • Identifying and correctly using parts of speech including nouns and verbs

  • Using quotation marks correctly

  • Spelling frequently used, but irregular words correctly (e.g.: was, were, says, said)

Science Objectives for 2nd Grade

Second graders will acquire a broad range of skills for understanding the natural world around them. This year, they will start making detailed observations, drawing conclusions from data, and even learn how to make use of the information they gather.

Some of the specific goals for second grade science include:

  • Demonstrating scientific reasoning and logic

  • Learning to measure in both English and metric units

  • Applying scientific concepts, skills, and processes to everyday experiences

  • Describing/summarizing scientific processes both orally and in writing

Social Studies Objectives for 2nd Grade

By the time your child has completed second grade, your homeschooler will have a much better sense of where they fit into their community, their country, and their world. A standards-based program will target goals like:

  • Understanding basic economic concepts

  • Using geographic representations to process information

  • Understanding the roles of citizens

  • Recognizing key national symbols

  • Awareness of key national holidays

In addition to direct instruction in these areas, there are 2nd grade social studies activities that will enhance your child’s learning. Look for opportunities to incorporate historical homeschool field trips into your schedule. Play grade-appropriate games that highlight geography skills. And check out library books that feature patriotic themes.

Check out more learning goals below:

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