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Nature Pizza - Learning about Leaf Changes

It's not delivery... it's Deciduous <3

Pizza is a favorite lunch time meal around here, and we love saving the cardboard insert for fun craft projects! We noticed that some of our leaves are changing color already and decided to use them to learn about how these color changes happen! We made a nature pizza!

Here is a brief description of the leaves changes by color:

She picked all of her items carefully, starting with mulch for the crispy brown crust.

She found a small Sassafrass tree with yellowing leaves perfect for the cheesy goodness!

(We us the app called "Seek" to identify plants! It is a free app with unlimited IDs and also does insects and animals!)

Half cracked Hickory nuts as mushrooms brought to us by our squirrel friends, and still green oak leaves cut into rectangular peppers! Topped with Pine Needles as rosemary! California Cudweed as the parmesan <3

She is so proud!

Annddd now we are hungry lol!

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