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DIY Sensory Kitchen: Bathtub Edition!

Add glow sticks (The Dollar Store ALWAYS has a ton of different glow sticks!)

PLAY DOUGH SOAP!?! Oh my when we saw this we got super excited! What a great idea from Sugar Spice & Glitter!

Legos! Who doesn't love legos!? They are really fun to play with in the bath, you can also incorporate a sink or float lesson on buoyancy with these!

Slime Baskets!! Growing a Jeweled Rose shares ther recipe for this messy fun!

Growing a Jeweled Rose shares their recipe for some messy bath time slime fun!

We simply add food coloring to our baths. We discovered mixing and adding conditioner and shaving cream with blue food coloring made a really pretty cloud bath! It was fun to swirl the clouds, also a great opportunity to learn about them!

This is a super cute and fun way to create a themed bath! Play Create and Explore came up with the idea to add foam dots to the bath along with adding color to the water! You can sneak in a lesson on circumference for older children!

Craftionary has an entire post dedicated to galaxy themed fun! One of their ideas is a bath bomb! Check it out, I want one for myself, look how pretty the water is!!

Craftulate shares how to design your own train set for the bath tub! She uses foam sheets, again always at the dollar store, to create the set up! She uses this as an activity to go along with the book, "Blue Train Green Train" a super cute Thomas the Train early reader book!

Another awesome idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose, Outer Space themed bath with GLOW WATER! Check out her post on how she made the paint and water glow!

More bath bombs! My Joy Filled Life does a GREAT job sharing how to make these super fun and silly emoji bath fizzers!

The Crafting Chicks make a soapy sea foam bath!

Perfect opportunity to incorporate volcano lesson in the tub! Baking Soda + Vinegar to watch the reaction explode on the side of the tub!

Momooze shares a sweet little frog themed bath! Using the glass aquarium beads, toy frogs, foam circles cut to look like lilly pads, and a few fake flowers! ALL found at the dollar store!

Rainbow bath!! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! Another Growing a Jeweled Rose Idea!

LOVE this weather themed bath idea from Twin Talk! Look at the clouds in the water! Super fun way to learn about weather.

Busy Toddler, former teacher turned stay at home mom shares how she uses her tub for a sensory playground! Here they are playing with flour! (no water added!) Just a fun place to get messy and clean up is a breeze!

DIY PVC Pipe play! This is awesome and easy to move around, they used suction cups! They can create their own little course! You can find a lot of bath "toys" at the dollar store in the kitchen section! Think funnels, measuring cups, strainers, spoons, mashers, etc!

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