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Our Playroom

When we were in the building stages of our home, it was important to us to choose a plan that allowed for an open playroom in our family area (ours is right off of the kitchen and entryway and adjacent to my office.) The kids can go off an play but not be sent away from the coziness of hearing the family bustle, ie: mom cooking and dad chatting/working. We have added their own television, and of course all of their gaming systems, my son is really into all of the old school NES and Nintendo 64, Xbox, etc... This is the perfect set up and won't clog up the living room tv area with all of the systems hanging out everywhere.

A nice cozy rug, which I have sense switched out due to losing lego men shopkins to left and right... The shag monster was hardcore lol. We purchased this rug at Lowes. The Storage Cubbies are the same ones we have in their bedrooms here. You can purchase them here (we have two pictured above)

The desk is a hit too! We hung it at the perfect height for them, and it allows for storage space underneath when need be! We also have one in my son's room, it's great for homework, or drawing as well as displaying his figurines!

We also love these “dish bins” from the dollar store! 2 reasons, they make great sensory bins/waterplay as they aren’t too deep... as well as for storing building toys/collections of hot wheels, parts, etc.

They fit nicely into the cubbies, and are easy for little hands to manage and carry to a place to play.

My letter wall, thanks to 1.5 hours of standing on the letter Isle at Michael's making sure no two letters matched next to each other! You can do the same thing online, however the fun part is that each style only has a few select letters... which makes it hell trying to ensure no two are alike close by... Here is a nice Mirrored Letter you can start here!

Check out our Dinosaur pillows!!! <3 <3 <3 the kids LOVE them! Snag yours here!

Everyone asks me if I painted the canvas behind their couch, I didn't! I found this when I was pregnant for my son's nursery at TJ Maxx, again it was the only one, and a super awesome find! I did find one similar online here:

If you haven't quite noticed yet, we are a very sensory loaded household, especially with lighting! We got this bluetooth bubble speaker at our local TJ Maxx at Christmas time, it was THE ONLY ONE LEFT, otherwise I would have bought 2 and put in their rooms. So this made it to our playroom, and the babes LOVE it!

You can get a similar one, same size but without the speaker here.

Super cute ad these have little fish you can add to it if you like!

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