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DIY Tree House Swing set

My hubs is really good about coming up with random build ideas! It's a hobby of his, and he is quite good at it! When we first moved in he built a small little tree house platform, that has later evolved into a massive soon to be double decker tree house!

When we got nice weather a few weeks back in January, he decided to add the base for the second level as well as the swingset and slide!

Just need to finish the upper level and we will be done!

So far so good!

We also added a Pulley by the slide! This is really fun, a great lesson on simple machinery and engineering, as well as awesome for kids to send stuff to one another from ground level to top!

My husband used a boat cleat (what they tie the boat off to when docking) so they can tie it to prevent it from falling down when they try to retrieve whatever the delivery may be!

We used two pulleys, they are fairly cheap and you can find a pack of two for $11 here!

This is the boat dock cleat that we use for tying off the rope when it is just one person manning the retrieval lol, otherwise prepare yourself for frustration among a two man team! You can purchase one of these for $5 here!

Here is the type of rope we used, it fit perfectly through the pulley and has lasted for a year and going strong! You can purchase it here!

Every nice day we get the babes are on it! <3 Quite easy to build for those who enjoy projects like this! I also ordered all of the swing set stuff separate, which ended up being WAY cheaper than purchasing an actual set, this entire project thus far is right under $700! If you have the wood already, you are good to go! I will list the add ons below so you can purchase (click the hyperlink or the photos:)

Climbing Rope: Also doubles a a disk swing!

Swing Hangers: These are BY FAR way better than the average hardware store hooks, they have some kind of bearings that make the swing go way faster and longer!

He also built our deck, and came up with an awesome alternative to a big bulky table:

Good spot for morning coffee and watching the babes play!

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