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DIY Sensory Kitchen: Cloud Dough

Cloud Dough is really neat and such a cool sensation to play with! It's super soft and fluffy yet you can mold similar to kinetic sand! Same concept, different textures. We use a super easy recipe using just two ingredients for the base, and then add in fun stuff like smells and colors depending on what mood we are in that day!

3 Cups of all purpose flour mixed & 1/3 Cup of vegetable oil.

Mix the two together in a big bowl and viola! Make sure if you want to add a color, to have oil based food color that you can mix in with the oil and then combine with the flour. Regular food coloring will chunk up and bind to the oil particles never really mixing in well.

I almost always add in a scent to our sensory bins. I use a skin safe oil fragrance meant for soaps and candles. has a HUGE selection, and I found them on Ebay, you can buy several in a lot for fairly cheap here! I use these oils for a lot of different things. Our favorite scents are Birthday Cake, Strawberry Patch, and Fruit Loops!

You can see the texture well here and how it molds really nice and smooth! It will hold it's form until it's mashed! The sprinkles you see are polymer clay so they won't disintegrate like real sprinkles would. I also use these for many things, decorating is fun with them! You can find them here:

Here are a few of our other favorite ideas we found on Pinterest for cloud dough:

Mama Papa & Bubba suggest making an ice cream shop!

Over at Busy Toddler, they play while excavating Dinos:

Tot School has an entire page dedicated to play with Apples! Which just so happens to include an apple pie themed cloud dough activity:

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