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Easy DIY Play Dough & Science Lesson

We love play dough, actually, we love anything gooey, squishy, and fun! There are tons of play dough recipes on the internet, and I finally found one that is super quick and easy to make (no cooking it!)

The Recipe:

1 Cup Salt

1 Cup Water

2 Cups Flour

1 Tbsp Oil (we used vegetable)

Fragrence Oil (Optional

I use Soap/Candle Fragrance oils from VA Candle Supply. Here is the direct link for Fruit Loops Scent. You just need 1-3 drops! We also LOVE Birthday Cake Scent!)

Here is the nice part, no step by step instructions, or stove top cooking required! Literally dump it all into a bowl and start kneading! If you'd like to add food coloring and spice (we use cinnamon for scent!) you can add them in as well! I also provided sprinkles, cookie cutters, and a butter knife so they could get creative! If your finding it too sticky, you can keep adding more flour as you knead, however this should be the *golden ratio* of ingredients, I have mastered through trial and sticky error!

But wait! Before you make it, grab the kids, this is the perfect opportunity for a hands on science lesson!

The Science:

Chemistry is the magical force that makes flour and water become dough instead of turning into a cloudy liquid. Gluten proteins in wheat flour don't dissolve in water because they form molecular bonds with it. In the presence of water, gluten proteins change shape and gain the elasticity characteristic of dough. Starch, which makes up 70 percent of the weight of flour, also grabs water to form chemical bonds. Starch bond networks weave themselves through gluten networks to tenderize the dough and hold its shape during and after baking. (read more)

This was super quick, great for a rainy or sick day supplement lesson! Chemistry refresher, and edible, low mess fun! Best. Day. Ever =)

The perfect consistency! Some dough recipes leave you with greasy hands and gloppy "dough."

Sis made a cake! We used sprinkles for extra fun!

Meet Mot made a "Cookie Solar System!" Of course we ate the extra sprinkles when we were done! :)

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