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Kawaii Pizza Craft, from Frozen Pizza Cardboard!

If you are like me, I hate making super involved lunches... we love Digiorno frozen pizzas!! They always come with a round cardboard insert and I save them! We also adore all things Kawaii (my daughter is a Nom Nums and shopkins collector, so food is always our go to for doodles or crafts!) She has asked me to paint her a Kawaii love pizza💕

LOVE my Brontosaurus pillows?! You can snag them here!

I have a slight shopping problem... so why not make good use of the boxes I accumulate! We like to cut shapes and paint things! They will give these as gifts or cards!

The flaps are easy to cut off and the perfect size without having to disassemble the entire box!

We didn’t have anymore cardboard rounds from frozen pizzas, so he wanted to make a mini pizza like mine!

Super cute!

Hearts are a fave too!

Making a circuit board chip for spying ;)

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