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Kid's Room Decor & Organization (Unicorns and Minecraft!)

Children seem to collect the SMALLEST items, and it drives me nuts! It's so hard to keep these collections together without losing pieces, or shoving them all away in a closed box.

My two like their belongings displayed, and play with them fairly more often when they are. Shopkins is the latest hit at our house with my daughter, she is in LOVE with them all so we decided to set up a small space for her to play and display:

Books are also a big deal around here, and we were quickly running out of shelf space:

Here is what we got to get started on organizing my daughter's space:

1. Cube Shelves: These are AWESOME and super sturdy compared to the standard ones you can find at local super stores. (You can click the photo below to find more color options they have an adorable pink too!)

These come in a package of 6, and a million different colors! We got light grey ones for our son's room! These are 11x 10.5 x 10.5" Slightly smaller than the entire cube area for the above shelves, but still look great, and a STEAL! (Click photo below to see more options or purchase!)

Here are the larger versions of the bins we have in our play room, they fit the entire cube spot, and look really nice with the designs! (Click photo below to see more options or purchase!)

Here are our two cubes like these in our play room:

Santa brought this for Christmas, and it is so sweet and dainty allowing her to show off her collection... but it stays so neat and organized! (Click photo below to see more options or purchase!)

5. This little drawer set also looks really neat with some lighting behind it! We have these neat art display clip string lights: (Click photo below to see more options or purchase!)

My husband came up with this idea when we were in a smaller rental home and space was an issue. We used this same desk at our floor level kitchen window! It's super cheap to do, and looks nice and neat! Allows for more storage space underneath too!

The board we used is 48" long and 14" deep, the nice thing about this is that you can build this to your child's height!

Don't forget the brackets!

7. The Mini Shelf above her desk, we used a picture frame shelf, and flipped it over so it doesn't have a ledge blocking her miniature figurines!

Perfect for cozy toes just getting out of bed in the morning!

DIY Cloud Light - This was so fun to make, and really easy! We made ours huge of course, but you can make them whatever sizes you want! They make great baby shower gifts too!!

It is super easy to make, you just hot glue the lanterns together to make a cloud shape, and then hot glue the fluff to the outside! The colored lights make it look awesome, but you can get white too! Here's what you will need:

Polyfil (If you have old pillows you can cut open and use the fluff instead!)

I hand panted this unicorn rainbow on an old canvas painting we had that no longer matched her room. It was really hard to find anything that had the light purples and pinks mixed with the bold rainbow colors. She has an eclectic taste and really likes to mix the colors! So we made our own! You can do this too if you have an old canvas print you don't like, or if you find one cheap at a yard sale, simply paint over it, I used acrylic paint!

(My 6 year old's Minecraft room!)

Steve's Bedding, we just got a super soft red duvet cover, grab yours here.

So, my son was mad that we made my daughter's cloud light, we decided to make him his own creeper one. Super easy to make here is what you will need:

The trunk is another TJ Maxx FTW moment. I didn't want him having an old dirty wooden chest in his room, so I opted to find a decorative trunk and paint it! If you are pressed on getting the similar trunk I did, you can find one like it here. I just used regular spray paint and left the straps covered! He loves it and uses it to store some fun things!

His wall art we had custom made for us by a neighbor! I went on eBay and found old electronics/circuit boards, even WW2 airplane buttons/machines! He loves the mad scientist look!!

Hopefully this post was helpful on finding more storage ideas for your little ones!

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