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Introducing "Rick Roll Anatomy," the uproariously funny interactive learning experience that turns anatomical study into an unforgettable adventure! This one-of-a-kind product leverages humor and clever pranks to help students grasp complex concepts by reinforcing the mirror effect inherent in anatomy, such as the left and right sides being opposites when observing someone.


Select 6 of your students to fill out the opposite word listed on their cards. When they finish have them work together to line up in numerical order. After they are lined up, have them read the word on their card aloud to their classmates. They may have to read them a few times before someone will get it, once they get it, be prepared for lots of laughs, eye rolls, and cheers!


This activity would also be a great stand alone for April Fool's Day!


Find the free lesson plan and more ideas for this activity here!

Opposite Day Rick Roll Activity - Teaching Anatomical Position

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