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Knowing a child's safe place is crucial for navigating stress and anxiety. It provides emotional regulation, a sense of security, autonomy, and control. The safe space serves as a proactive coping mechanism, reducing stress and teaching healthy behaviors.


Additionally, it opens communication channels, builds trust, and fosters positive relationships between caregivers, educators, and the child. If we know what makes them feel safe, we can use these elements to help them feel safe anywhere.


If a child feels safe in his room with a special blanket, it may be helpful to suggest that he brings his blanket with him to use during stressful moments. If a child feels safe swinging in his back yard with the warm sun, and breeze hitting his face, we can consider a fresh air break. While fresh flowers might not be feasible in a classroom, a subtle application of sweet smelling chap stick (like Lipsmackers) on the back of their hand can be a fun and calming alternative.


Get creative incorporating what you know to be effective for them.


Check out my blog post with more information and resources here!


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Building My Safe Place Journal Sheet

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