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During this class, learners will:

  • Understand Environmental Impact: Gain insight into fashion industry pollution and microplastics, discussing their global implications.


  • Explore Historical Context: Explore pivotal historical events shaping fashion's environmental footprint.


  • Experiment with Recycled Materials: Learn to repurpose waste materials into innovative fashion pieces.


  • Integrate Sustainable Design Principles: Integrate sustainability into design processes, focusing on waste reduction and ethical practices.


  • Cultivate Innovation and Creativity: Cultivate unique design aesthetics while championing sustainability.


  • Devise Strategies for Promoting Sustainability: Develop strategies to advocate for sustainable fashion within the industry and wider community.

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Welcome to Green Couture, where style meets sustainability! In this class, students embark on a creative journey to design fashion pieces using recycled materials such as plastic cups, bags, cardboard, and more. Throughout the course, we will dive into the critical topic of pollution, with a special focus on the pervasive issue of microplastics and their environmental impact. 


Through engaging discussions and brainstorming sessions, learners explore innovative solutions to prevent further damage to our planet. As the class progresses, each student's fashion creations serve as a powerful medium for advocating sustainability and raising awareness about environmental conservation. The course culminates in an inspiring fashion show, where students proudly showcase their designs to family and friends, promoting the message of sustainability and education. Join us in Green Couture as we blend creativity with environmental consciousness to make a positive impact on our world!

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