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Microschool Daily Rhythm


At the heart of each day at Raising Brain Microschool lies a balance between structure and freedom. While our learners adhere to a set daily schedule, the richness of their experiences varies greatly thanks to the diverse array of subjects and opportunities our projects and adventures offer. 

At our microschool, each day flows with a gentle rhythm, designed to empower children to shape their own educational journey while fostering a sense of community and collaboration. We start our day at 9 am with a community discussion, where we set intentions, share ideas, feelings, and discuss upcoming events and plans for the day or week ahead.

Following this, learners are invited to engage in mindful reflection through their journals, selecting prompts that resonate with them for expression through drawing, writing, or even song lyrics. This personal exploration sets a reflective tone for the day.


Transitioning smoothly into our History Makers Society, learners explore notable historical figures or events relevant to our current unit of study. Utilizing a variety of resources such as virtual field trips, books, and documentaries, learners immerse themselves in the context of the time period, fostering a deeper understanding of history.

Next comes Science Exploration, where they will take the knowledge gained from history and decide how they want to further explore related scientific concepts. For instance, if we're studying water infrastructure and Leonardo da Vinci, learners might engage in a STEM challenge to recreate da Vinci's self-supporting bridge, applying engineering principles in a hands-on way.

snack break offers a moment of nourishment and socialization before we transition into Art Projects. Here, we explore the world of art, incorporating elements from our unit study while learning about influential artists and their works. This allows for creative expression while reinforcing connections between different areas of study.

Throughout the day, guides provide support and resources to facilitate learning, allowing them to navigate their own path within set boundaries. By embracing flexibility and self-direction, our microschool cultivates a dynamic learning environment where curiosity thrives and individual passions are nurtured.

After art, learners will contribute to tidying up our learning space before refueling with a nutritious lunch alongside their friends. They have the freedom to enjoy their meal indoors or outdoors, weather permitting, and may choose to socialize, finish up a project, or simply relax during this time.

Following lunch, learners transition into open play and movement activities. Whether playing games, practicing yoga, or engaging in outdoor exploration, they have the opportunity to move freely between indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering physical activity and socialization. Every Wednesday during this period, we'll host a Spanish enrichment session. Learners will have the opportunity to dive into Spanish culture with a Spanish teacher while learning the language through engaging activities like play, crafts, cooking, and more!

As the day draws to a close, everyone is invited to return to tidy the community learning space and pack up their belongings. Working together, they reset the school environment for the next day of learning adventures.

Once the space is organized and everyone is ready, they will have a cozy period to unwind and relax before heading home, reflecting on their day's experiences and looking forward to the excitement of learning that awaits them tomorrow.


At Raising Brain, we equip our students with all the essential resources to excel in STEAM education. This includes access to high-speed internet, individual Chromebooks, digital cameras, and a suite of software programs such as Canva, Procreate, and various coding platforms. For further details on our technology policy, please refer to the document provided here.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 9am - 3pm

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