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Our 9-month Art Beginnings project based study will cover:


  • What is Art?: The drive to create, purposes of art, art is all around

  • Art Supplies: Art tools, art mediums, and art surfaces

  • Art Elements: Line, shape, form, color, value, space, and texture

  • Principles of design: Balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, rhythm, and unity

  • Prehistoric Art: Natural materials, rock art, and cave paintings

  • Art and Early Civilization: Mesopotamian art, ancient Egyptians art, ancient Chinese art

  • Ancient Art Around the World: Ancient arts and crafts, monuments and buildings, and wonders of the ancient world

  • Greek Art: Characteristics of Greek art, Mythology and theater, and architecture

  • Roman Art: Characteristics of Roman art, Roman art forms, Roman mythology, and architecture

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