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Our 9-month Ancient History program will cover:

  • First Civilizations - Learners will embark on a captivating journey through time to explore the origins of civilization, integrating history, archaeology, anthropology, and sociology. Through engaging activities, they will investigate key topics such as unearthing history through archaeology, deciphering ancient writing systems, understanding communal living, examining early forms of government, and exploring the birth of civilizations in various regions worldwide.

  • Ancient Egypt - People of Egypt, Gods & Goddesses, Pharaohs, and Egypt's Neighbors

  • Ancient China - Kingdoms, The Empire, and China's Neighbors 

  • Bronze Age Near East - Mesopotamia, The Levant, and Minoans & Mycenaeans

  • Iron Age Near East - Phoenicians, Israelites, Neo-Babylonian Empire, and Persian Empire

  • Ancient India - The First Kingdoms, Gupta Empire, and Delhi Sultanate

  • Ancient Europe - Early Settlements, Megaliths & Burial Grounds, Bronze Age Europe, and Iron Age Cells

  • Ancient Greece - Classical Greece, Greek Mythology, and Alexander the Great

  • Ancient Rome - Roman Republic, Roman Empire and Christianity*

Through hands-on activities, simulations, and multimedia resources, students will gain a deeper understanding of how these ancient civilizations shaped human history and continue to influence our world today. By critically examining primary sources and engaging in cross-cultural comparisons, students will develop essential historical thinking skills and foster a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of global civilizations across time.

*Our curriculum is secular in nature, focusing on historical, cultural, and social aspects without promoting any particular religious belief. However, we recognize the significance of religions in shaping civilizations and teach about them within their historical context.

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